Commercial and Residential Lighting Installation Services

Commercial lighting installation and residential lighting installation are two of our specialties here at Hectic Electric. We offer high-quality yet affordable lighting installation services across Brisbane and surrounding areas, including Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Toowoomba regions. We get many questions from our customers about the best kind of commercial lighting for their spaces, and this is why we offer a free onsite quote (location dependent). We will come to you and chat about the best solution for your commercial or residential lighting needs.

Ilya Sitnikov
Ilya Sitnikov
Ryan and his team have been looking after our building complex for a couple of years, and we're delighted with the quality of their work. They've done quite a few jobs for us, such as lighting upgrades, commercial solar, outdoor lighting installation, emergency fixes, inspections, etc. - everything works fine. We're also grateful to them for always being reachable and helpful in electrical emergencies we had on the property. Good job, team!
Paul Wilko
Paul Wilko
I highly recommend Hectic Electric for air conditioning installation. The owner, Ryan, personally contributed to the installation while recovering from a knee operation, demonstrating exceptional dedication and service, especially given the urgency of the setup in a commercial location.
Tim Hadwen
Tim Hadwen
Ryan was awesome during our commercial move in. Getting power points, data and lights everywhere we needed so that we could get on with work!

Commercial Lighting Installation

The Hectic Electric team is here to supply all of your lighting needs in any commercial property.

Office Lighting Services


Warehouse lighting services


Retail Store Lighting Services

Retail Stores

Hallway Custom Decorative Lighting


What are the best lights to use for commercial lighting installations?

This is a difficult question to answer without seeing the space first and knowing the purpose of the business. For example, office lighting will always greatly differ from warehouses, and many retail stores want more custom lighting options. Our team at Hectic Electric can always help you determine the most cost-effective and energy efficient options for your business.

What is the best lighting to use for an office space?

For a standard office space, we always recommend using LED lights firstly as this is the most energy-efficient option. You also want to ensure the lighting is not too harsh for your employees, with the right illuminance levels. You will notice that most offices use cooler or neutral colour lighting, to create a more vibrant space and not be too harsh on the eyes.

How much does it cost to install commercial lighting?

Commercial lighting solutions come in all shapes and sizes, so please get in contact with the team for a free onsite quote. That’s right, our electricians will come to you and help you work out the best solution!

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Residential Lighting Installation

When it comes to choosing the right lighting for your home, the Hectic Electric team will mostly recommend LED lights. LED Lighting is the more commonly used lighting for modern homes and we also offer many services to replace older halogen lighting with LED lighting.

What lights are best for a residential property or home?

We always recommend installing LED lights in your home as preferred lighting. When comparing halogen with LED lights, LED will have more advantages from both a safety and saving perspective. These lights have a lower chance of causing fires as they should not overheat whereas halogen lights can overheat quite easily. LED lights emit a brighter light but actually use less power, so you can save money on your power bills! This is why it is definitely worth the investment to replace your halogen lights in an older home with newer LED lighting.

How much does an LED light cost?

The Hectic Electric team will supply and install your LED lighting in your residential property at $65 to $80 per LED downlight.

Do I need an electrician to install LED lights in my home?

As with any electrical installation service that involves wiring and connecting to mains power, you always should employ a licensed electrician to do your LED light installation for you. It is actually illegal in Queensland to install your own light fittings! This is because it is very unsafe and can cause bodily harm if installed incorrectly by causing electrocution.

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