Electrical Test and Tag Services

Hectic Electric offers a fairly priced test and tag service to all areas in Brisbane for residential and commercial properties/electrical equipment. You can be confident you are receiving excellent service from our fully qualified electricians who always ensure all safety regulations for your electrical equipment are met. With us, you know you’re in good hands. All of our electricians are up to date with the latest regulations and requirements, and safety is of the utmost importance to us. 

We pride ourselves on great service at Hectic Electric – you’ll be chatting to one team member for your quote, job details and post-service sign off.

What is Hectic Electric's Test and Tag price?

The team at Hectic Electric offers testing and tagging services for the affordable cost of $110 per hour + 50c per tag for residential homes, and $130 per hour + 50c per tag for commercial properties.

Residential Properties

$110 per hour + 50c per tag

Team member is in office testing and tagging commercial equipment in Windsor, QLD

Commercial Properties

$130 per hour + 50c per tag

What is test and tag servicing?

Testing and tagging involves looking at electrical equipment and testing it, then tagging it as safe! It is mostly for businesses like construction sites, farming businesses and other businesses that use electrical equipment. Testing and tagging was brought into effect as a requirement from the Electrical Safety Act 2002. This states that employers must ensure electrical equipment is regularly and properly inspected, tested and tagged as safe. Testing and tagging is a very important service to minimise risk of harm from faulty equipment. 

How often should testing and tagging be done in Queensland?

Testing and tagging services are carried out every 3 to 12 months depending on the type of equipment and industry the business operates in.

Some timeframes for testing and tagging are:
Pexels sourced: Crane electrical equipment with buildings in background
Every 3 months for
construction site equipment
Pexels sourced: Ferris wheel with city in background
Every 6 months and after assembly
for amusement park devices and rides
Every 12 months for
service work and rural work equipment

For more information on testing and tagging, you can visit the QLD WorkSafe website.

What are the advantages of test and tag procedures?

Safety should be a priority of all employers. Ensuring procedures like testing and tagging of electrical equipment are carried out when needed is integral to keeping all workers safe.

To book in your test and tag services, please contact our team via the form below. We can help you determine a better quote based on your individual equipment requirements.

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